Thursday, April 9, 2015

We Are in a Book!

Like Elephant and Piggie, I am in a book. We are in a book! It is Mothering Through The Darkness: Women Open Up About The Postpartum Experience. I am so excited. Hello everyone. Hello fellow contributors. I'm not drowning as usual, flapping and wailing, but waving, the opposite of the famous poem.

I'm doing my half Stevie Nicks half Snoopy happy dance.

I love Mo Willems' Piggie. Piggy the anti-Buddhist, the striver, Piggy, the driver of action; in the case of We Are in a Book, the eager flipper of pages only to realize there are only so many pages and that all books end. Existential crisis.  It happens to everybody. See here:

We're little more than stick drawings, Piggie and me, and everyone we know on this pale blue dot (Hi, Mom!) and still, despite our smallness and relative insignificance compared to geology, we are called to participate in Freytag's pyramid of dramatic structure. 


  1. We're so happy to have you! Your essay is just wonderful.

  2. To be in the same pages inked with your words, it's like someone else's life. Right now, this is so good, these moments are SO SO good. xoxo I love you, friend.