Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Robin's Egg Blue

The lilac tree next to my neighbor's house is in full bloom and smelling like wonderful witchy dowager grandmothers despite being choked with the vines of upstart honeysuckle.

I walked up to it the lilac to take in a sweet lungful of violet-scented air and saw... three stunning robin's egg blue eggs in a robin's nest in the lilac's branches.

Their color is Colonial Williamsburg-y. Or Miami. Whichever suits you, old money or new, it is a totally American color. I think I had a pair of high tops in this color in 1983 (I know I did) which I wore while piloting myself in the direction of boys.

Robins! Spring! Renewal! Isn't it dandy? My heart feels like a candy box. The May clouds look like marshmallow fluff.

The mother robin, brooding as all mothers do, looked me in the eye, like, "Back off, you featherless two-footed clod," and I looked into the pissed off eye of the mother robin and said, "Tell me about it."

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