Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moving Tips

Ha! "Lamp Box"  haha "Dishpack Box." The very idea that someone has named something a "Large Mirrorpack" makes me know there is someone out there so much more organized than I could ever hope to be.

As far as packing materials go I am I am totally Used Dishtowel. Mindlessly Wrapping Glassware With Stuffed Animals, and 100% Discarded Printer Box Found In The Dumpster Into Which Sorta Fit My Ikea-Framed Posters. I'm This Cuisinart is Clean Enough.

I regret my collection of yelloware bowls. They looked so pretty on the kitchen counter in a marigold spectrum, but now that I'm hefting them into boxes, they look all It's Not 1940 Anymore, Farm Girl. You Know These Are Glazed With Lead Paint.

In fact, I regret every purchase, every hand-me-down, every relic of brown furniture that I didn't say no to now that I have to pack everything into a "Medium Box."

I don't even have that much stuff -- I consider myself a Zen-ster, and have a belief system that is Shit In Shit Out, but where did all the stuff come from? Why so many throw pillows, wind chimes, and lemon zesters? Why the multiple bird feeders?  The aspirational tennis racquets when I have never played tennis. And mugs? Dutch ovens? Don't even get me started. I'm having to take some deep breaths and some sort of medication because of the mugs; they're like Tribbles on Star Trek.

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