Friday, September 25, 2015

A Wrinkle In Time

"The oceans of the world are a vast, alien landscape, covering more than half the Earth's surface..."  I love where this is going. 

It's so sci-fi. As an eleven-year-old I was a big Madeleine L'Engle Ring of Endless Light fantasy nerd. Dolphins! Boy problems! Girl in a one-piece bathing suit bursting from the waves in a state of bliss! (This has my name all over it.)

[Madeline L'Engle on writing: "My best work comes when I move beyond my intellect."]

There is a researcher at Brown University who has devoted a web page (and his whole life) to Siphonophores, those colonial sea animals like coral and the Portuguese man o' war who live to confuse our puny human idea of the meaning of "individual."

They are groups. Hundreds of specialized polyps called zooids that live as a single organism.

[Maybe this is what I should be for Halloween.]

I "sing in my chains like the sea." That's from Dylan Thomas' Fern Hill which was paternal grandfather's favorite poem. He's dead now. I don't know what my maternal grandfather's favorite poem was. He's dead too.

I don't know what my undying interest in marine biology means. Perhaps it is nothing more than a continuation -- the sea from whence we came -- but I suspect it has something to do with Oscar Wilde.

He said, "One's real life is so often the the life one does not lead."

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