Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Elderberry rings no bells for me as a color, as a flavor, or a fruit. The best I could come up with was purplish, maybe? Wine-stained? O sing muses of the wine-dark sea.

But that was enough, for when I saw the model wearing the frames Ainsworth in Elderberry I was like color, flavor, fruit -- whatever, I want to be her.  It's no secret I want to be all the Warby Parker models.

[Honest makeup tutorial skewers impossible beauty standards.]

Ainsworth in Elderberry clearly has a great life.  I want that life. Therefore, knowing that one can osmose awesomeness though cool purchases no you can't I purchased them and waited to soak in the tank of hip.

[Turn a vintage tub into an outdoor hot tub.]

I'm still waiting.

It turns out that elderberry's "folklore is extensive and can be wildly conflicting depending on region." And that in Germanic societies (hello) the elder is the living place of the "elder-mother," a seriously bad-ass menopausal goddess.

Boom like that I saw in a new way. With hawk-like clarity.

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