Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How To Tie One On

Remember how earlier this month I told you running (the action of a runner) was going to be My New Thing; I was going to get all rocky mountain high on running

[John Denver's 1985 ad for Raisin Bran.]

Well, sweethearts, Mama lied to you. Mama's knees and Mama's neck bones commenced to braying and howling and yipping like a beagle puppies being poked with a stick. 

My New Thing is going to be scarves

[Michelle Phan shows you five ways with one scarf. Full disclosure: I had to stop watching at "halter top."]

I have been fingering the scarves on the rack at my local Savers,
testing the woven fabrics for the ones that are 100% silk and -- incredible! (as one must feel in finding an early folio of Shakespeare) I have found some. Squares as well as rectangles. 

You have NO IDEA how proud this would make my mother, she is a dedicated member of the international fabric cognoscenti.

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