Friday, October 9, 2015

The History Of My First Bras

Age 11. Newman's. Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. 

The training bra section is located right next to the registers, and the windows, and incongruously, boy's belts. I linger for one hot flat New York minute. Then move on to sweater vests.

Age 12. Again, Newman's. 

My mom buys a Jockey For Her Three-Pak for me while I am at Little's Shoe Store up the street, trying on Mary Janes and focusing all of my energy on whether I want black patent leather, or matte black leather. I want matte black leather.

Age 14.  The Pussycat, a lingerie boutique for middle-aged women. Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. (Victoria's Secret still does not yet exist.)

I purchase a flight of Playtex soft cups. No, my mother purchases them. Then she and the shopkeeper tell me about about the weird cone-shaped bras of the 1950s when they "were girls" and they say the word "nipple" like it's just a normal everyday word and I want to die.

Age 18. Monroeville Mall, Pittsburgh. 

-- Victoria's Secret is at the Monroeville mall!  -- They have push-up bras! Someone is spreading these rumors.

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