Thursday, October 15, 2015

To Include In Your Fall Poetry

The leaves changing color.

Fall, how pretty it is. How very, very pretty. So pretty, in fact, that you are writing poems.

Umber. Ochre. Orange.

Geese flying in a V formation

Fall as a metaphor for metamorphosis 

Fall as a metaphor for death

Fall as a reminder you better giddyup and smell the roses because like the geese  -- something something rhyming couplet that ties these ideas together  (remember, this is your poem, I can't do all the work)

Pumpkins: why do they mean so much to Americans? In other cultures they are squash and quite frankly not that big a deal. What's the deal with pumpkins?

Warm spices, but not the usual ones. Surprise us!


References to cider, a woolen scarf, apples, abundance, and  gathering all get you extra points so I say go for it  

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