Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bastos Home Design: Note The Ukulele

I'm going into new areas where there be dragons of the Owings Mills branch of the Baltimore Public Library, exploring new call numbers of Dewey Decimal System because I found myself to be in a velvet rut of Pastry, Parenting, Self Help, and Eastern Philosophy and wanted more from life. I wanted 

Home design. Interior decor. 747.9.

I've been reading a lot about "reading a room." How to arrange sticks in an urn. Or how to stack books into pyramids of descending thickness and upon them, stick ballet shoes. 

How that one might put coils of reclaimed rope in the corner of one's living room and explain that the theme is Nautical.  Wallpaper the powder room in sheet music? Why not advertise one's hobbies to the people powdering their noses. 

This forced me to "read" my living room and record how things really are as opposed to what I would like them to be: French Country Italian Villa American Beach House Sedona Mountain Retreat Rustic Pebble Texture Damask Throw Pillow Holland-Thatch in Architectural Digest. 

So I bring you Bastos Home Design. Your house can look just like award-winning mine by following these simple rules: 

Where there is open space, clutter. Where there is counter space, crumbs.

Upon the brown (I prefer the word "burnt umber") early model Ikea pleather couch (I prefer "family heirloom" because it was previously in my parents basement) is a dirty pile (some might say "Zen-like" "wabi-sabi" "arrangement") of laundry which is has been there for days along with a ("traditional Hawaiian stringed instrument") ukulele. 

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