Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fur Is IN

I've never been at the bleeding edge of interior design, with succulents all in a row and pyramids of twine balls, more like I started and then left uncompleted an entire wall of my old apartment in Somerville because the color I'd chosen, Nacho, was in the light of day, day-glo cheese, and now I am suddenly in with my lambskin. FUR IS IN. This not meat for a debate.

It adds "texture" and "softness" and "animal-spirit" to any room, and goodness knows "animal spirit" is what I need being in January even if it is faux.  (Like I said, I'm not getting into an argument for, or against, fur, you fox trappers, you.)

Look around, everyone has fur (or faux-fur) throws, artfully strewn. Throw pillows. Things under their feet. There is so much fur; I feel like Lucy inside the wardrobe, before she gets to Narnia.

Unlike her, I'm going to stay in that closet. Because I prefer to be toasty.

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