Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowball Earth

"From what I've tasted of desire/ I hold with those who favor fire," said Robert Frost, but today is a snow day. 

#Snowzilla, the biggest snow on record in Baltmore, top 5 in D.C., has ended. We are digging out or, if you are a ten-year-old, digging, in a snowbank with a spoon because what's better than a prairie-dog-ish system of snow forts connected by tunnels from which you can pop out with snowballs -- BAM! BAM! BAM! -- and pelt your neighbors?

So what your mom freaks that you took a silver spoon to dig into the crust of the snow. What does a soft metal have to do with you? What does heirloom  have to do with you? You are the future; you'll have Bitcoin and memory chip algorithms implanted in your brains. You look at the spoon, surprised that she's upset by it. This thing? 

She tells you to come in. Come in? It's snowball earth out here. 

And she's all: "Did you remember to take the fur liners out of your boots, sweetie, and dry them on the radiator?" and it's like not even English, but you do it. You are an exchange student in this country called childhood.

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