Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Big Fan of the Octopus

Every few years there emerges an "it" animal. Recently it was owls, and put birds on it. Then we wondered what does the fox say; we were wondering what they say.

The cantankerous mantis shrimp even had a moment.  Radiolab did a whole show on the cantankerous mantis shrimp's ability to see a symphony about of colors, compared to us.

Where are the "it" animal nomination forms? Like Pantone determines the colors of the year? I want to nominate Octopus.

I want to see octopus-print fabric on the spring collection of women's pajamas at Target. I want to see octopus napkin rings. Octopus pendant necklaces. I want Carrie Brownstein to wear an octopus barrette singing with Sleater-Kinney. Pwweeese?

I'm a BIG FAN.

I read Sy Montgomery's book The Soul of an Octopus, drooling.

Like the gloomy octopus -- it's common name -- I'd like to gather in her affinity group. Sy Montgomery's people, the fish nerds, are the people who get up at 5 a.m. to put their arms into 45 degree seawater to be suckered at by a female octopus and then write about the awe, the otherworldliness, and the #humblebrag and I nominate myself to be translator of this world to that other.

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