Friday, February 19, 2016

Like A Mother Or A Mountain Goat

I was at the pool watching DS, 10, swim. I could hear his laughter over the din of a hundred kids doing breaststroke. I must have a fish in my ear. Like a penguin mother. 

Someone probably told a fart joke. I don't think fart jokes are that funny.

My son ::eyerolls:: he says, that in my epic uncoolness, I remind him of a mountain goat.

But I like the look of the mountain goat. She looks like an end table. Look at my friggin' hooves. Look at my chin hair. I am the business. "None shall pass."

I'd rather be a mountain goat than a penguin any day. I like the mountains. I like the metaphors. I like the idea of nimbly leaping up challenges versus falling and squawking, as happens sometimes with penguins.

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