Friday, April 15, 2016

Inky The Octopus

Every few years there is a meme animal. A memimal. Right now, trending on the interwebs near you, is the octopus. A New Zealand common one.

Other examples include: owl-print fabric at Target. Put A Bird On It.  The mantis shrimp. 

They serve to remind us that we, darling Homo sapiens that we are, are not the only consciousness on earth, and our way of doing things (upright, with bones, on land, breathing into organs developed for this purpose) is not the only way.  We're really weird. In fact, maybe we're the monsters.

I find it humbling. Inky, the invertebrate who outwitted us. Us, the apex predator, us, the top of the food chain, we who melt the polar ice caps thank you very much. Yaaaaas queen. 

I give Inky a big Gene Kelly Singin' In The Rain hat tip. From where I'm standing the sun is shining all over the place. 

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