Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lowly Worm

There is an old proverb: God made the worm before he made you. What it means is don't get too big for your britches.

Lowly Worm is a character from Richard Scarry's picture books for children, such as 1973's Please and Thank You. Another great children's book is How To Behave and Why.  It's good to know why.

Lowly Worm is an example that I like of how to be in the world. I'm attaching myself to it. We may think we are lions, we often do, but who among us is not fundamentally a lowly worm? We're blinding moving through the dirt.

Do we know everything? No. Can we? I hope, dear reader, that you are shaking your head no. We can't. We see through a glass darkly. Even with all of our data plans.

Did you know for instance that human psychology has what's called called negativity bias? We do. It sucks, but "it's evolutionarily adaptive for bad to be stronger than good," says the psychologist Roy Baumeister.

We can overcome it. But it takes practice, like writing down three things that we're grateful for every day and other things. I picked up a pretty unicorn notebook for this purpose and some more sparkly pens from Japan. You know how I love sparkle. In this way I am crow.

 Look at that jaunty hat and bowtie on that worm. The lowly worm is trying, trying, trying to be a person. See his bumpkinish over-eager wide-eyed smile? It's so dear.

My goal is to look the same. I have very short hair, and I also like hats.

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