Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pivoting The Blog

I'm pivoting the blog. That's Silicon Valley-speak (no it's not).

I'm changing things up on the fine speech-horn that is Goody Bastos. I'm mercury. I'm quicksilver. I'm a chameleon. I'm about to make a paragraph break. Goody B is now a science and nature blog.

From now on the content will not be parenting, kids, parenting, kids. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Cycle on gentle. But what else is there? besides the laundry? you may ask. I was oversharing, perhaps. I was not breaking the Internet.

I've been helped to consider even the non-internet-breakage from the point of view of my children. 

Artists who will not be named (Sally Mann) have done artistically groundbreaking and potentially dumb-hurtful, potentially (depending on your point of view) pornographic things by photographing their prepubescent children. Or using their family as subjects in their writing (Sharon Olds, David Sedaris, and basically every writer evah). What a swell party this is! 

But they make such good copy! "Everything is copy!"  Right? Bueller? <-- a="" about="" bastos.="" break.="" chameleon.="" changing="" direction="" do="" fine="" for="" goody="" i="" is="" it="" m="" mercury.="" nbsp="" no="" not="" of="" p="" paragraph="" quicksilver.="" s="" silicon="" speak="" speech-horn="" switching="" that="" the="" this="" to="" up.="" valley="">::crickets chirping::  

Some crickets value privacy in this culture of public confession and rude nudeness. It's just so hard to quit you, confessionalism. Being public about being a hot mess in mom jeans.

It's a blurse (a blessing and a curse) to have a writer in the family. Pro: Good book recommendations. Con: In print you are so thinly disguised you're basically naked as a caryatid contrapposto who holds up an architectural column in a filmy toga. Isn't she soooo pretty? I love her.

"Let's whisper things about her!" said my old self. 

"No, bozo, don't be a jerk," said to my new self, "we're a science and nature blog now."

So, conclusion: my passion other than for stew, shade, and malarky is for humor, nature and science writing.

I've always been distracted by a plop! frog jump! into the pond because science is funny. Plop! is a hilarious word. And I like to laugh.  Nature and science is Skeevy-Funny Intimations of Mortality and The Interconnected Web of All Things. It's impossible not to find story-gold in it.

For example, there is a fish that lives in the anus of a sea cucumber. I am not making this up. It is the pearl fish. Goody B will report on things like that, like fish living in the anuses of sea cucumbers. For your enjoyment. And edification, your intellectual and moral improvement.

However -- caveat -- in the event there is some news about children (generally) parenting (big trends) and laundry (hacks) I will report it live, from the bowels where I live.

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