Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince and My #48daysofblue

I'm petitioning NOAA to name this purplish, newly-discovered octopus after Prince. 

As lights around the world went purple last night in honor of the life and legacy of Prince, I began a #scicomm Twitter-feed of purple marine creatures because: "a strong spirit transcends rules," as His Most Purple said, and the sense of loss I feel in losing Prince is the loss of my childhood in the '80s which was 100% marine science geek soundtracked 98% by Prince and 2% by David Bowie (you had to take him too? The year of our rock gods, 2016, WTF?).  

Both men gave me images of manhood and sexuality that hinted at a defiant funky third rail. But Prince was my first crush. He crushed it for decades. Nobody had a higher or tighter ass. Nobody else played all the notes so well.

I was Beatlemania for him. And he was always there for me. He said, I would die 4 U and he said dearly beloved.

At Smith in the early '90s studying for marine invertebrate lab practical I was listening to Gett Off which is impossible music to try to do anything but concentrate on Prince to. I forgot in the exam the scientific name of the mantis shrimp. If U want me baby here I am wasn't it.

For the #48daysofblue between Earth Day and World Oceans Day I opened my trusty Peterson's Field Guide to the Atlantic Seashore for some #oceanoptimism and to write a blackout poem amidst my mourning as I told myself my practice would be, and I flipped through it and landed on this:

The Purple Sea Urchin. How apropos:  "appearing /
and disappearing unpredictably."

I'm underlining lines like that from my field guide while I cry a little while I wait for my petition to be taken seriously by NOAA to name the purplish Hawaiian ghost octopus after Prince.

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