Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weasel of the Sea

 It ain't me you're looking for, bruv. I did not shut down physics.

Sea weasels.  These are the sea otters (above).

A weasel of the land is what shut down CERN, the large hadron collider, a few days ago. Listen to the story and you can hear the laughter in their NPR voices. They are trying to keep it together, but you try saying "weasel" by itself with a straight face, and then you try adding "chewed through an electrical cord" and, "it shut the place down."  (It's hard.)

Sea otters are not chewing through electrical cords; on the other hand, they are troublemakers for fishermen, since they're after the same abalone. 

The abalone in question.

Most of us not being fishermen, and after abalone, we can be fans of the weasels of the sea, the sea otters who chew through nothing, no cords, but sea urchins (and clams and abalone.) 

We can purchase the Pokemon, and the stuffed plushy sea otter toys as we exit through the gift shop at the aquarium. Sea otters are the most; they werk, they give furry playful definition to the phrase "charismatic megafauna."

Sea otter babies float like corks (of fur.) Not to anthropomorphize them too much, but they appear to frolic. They cavort. They use their underbellies as dinner plates.  

They're like your favorite out-there cousin who is always doing something cooler and more wangdangdoodle than you like wrapping themselves up in a frond of kelp --- or going to an underwater sculpture garden because they can. 

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