Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why Okeanos Is So Great

"A sea coral garden on a carbonate platform."

Okeanos Explorer is so great.  I'm exploring the Marianas Trench from my living room. I'm seeing "a sea coral garden on a carbonate platform," and I only really understand one of those words and it's "platform." My college futon rested upon a platform.  Is how I would use it in a sentence.

Okeanos is so great because I am a wanna-be marine scientist, at least I used-to-be-a-wannabe-marine scientist. What I do now is I voluntarily count plankton, as citizen science for Plankton Portal.

My kids tell me I get really animated at the fish section at the Catonsville H-Mart. I'm all, "Look, kids! That's a sea squirt!" "They have a notochord."  "And while they may look like rubbery blobs, they are actually very advanced animals--close to humans on an evolutionary scale."

My kids are like, "Okay, Mom. It's a sea squirt with a notochord will you let us get Pockys now?" and I feel that I've had a great mothering moment; I've helped them understand our place the world in the great web of life.

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